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The IQ Bot

The IQ Bot
The IQ-Bot is a completely stand alone computer controlled robot that uses the IQ control board. To make the IQ-Bot you first need to make an H-Bot. When you have completed the H-Bot you can use these instructions to add the IQ controller. You'll need another CD Rom to complete the robot.


The IQ board is a small board that can control up to 3 outputs. It has 2 power supplies - a 6v supply to make the board work, and a 3v supply to power the outputs. The power is supplied by six 1.5 v batteries.


The batteries are fixed to the top of an H-bot using double sided sticky pads. Make sure that the motor wires come up through the hole in the top CD


You now need to drill another CD Rom and add three 25mm screws and nuts. Cut three small pieces of soft link tubing and push these on to the ends of the three screws. These will be used to join the third CD to the robot, but will make it easy to remove to change batteries


Thread the motor and battery wires through the hole in the top CD. Connect these up to the IQ board and then fix the board to the CD using double sided sticky pads.

Click Here with the right hand mouse button and choose 'Save Target As' to download instructions for using the IQ Board.

Drilling Template


PIC chip
The H-Bot can be controlled by a PIC chip. You will need to discuss how to do this with your teacher.



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